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Like Diamonds In The Sky

This Is Who We Are.

Mission Statement

At In Space Childcare Inc. we provide parents and families with dependable, flexible, and enriched superior quality childcare solutions to suit the needs of each child. We implement child‐care programs that support and promote the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social wellbeing of every child through an experienced-based platform through play. We develop a program that establishes the health, safety, and well-being of children in care. We establish and maintain collaborative relationships with coworkers, community service providers, and global partners.

Our Belief

At In Space, innovation, transparency & experience head the work we do. It is these three that define who we are inside and remind us what it means to be truly alive inside. It's the lift you feel from those around you. The rush of standing on the edge before taking the plunge. The first time you get your Wings. Our shared belief is that our centres should be an experience like no other. 

Our Direction
To be the first childcare solution that can find a way to function in outer space. To make this happen by 2050, we hope to partner with SpaceX to bring you the first In Space Childcare site to outer space with their rocket-building program to colonize Mars & beyond. At In Space, our shared belief is that our children's generation will be the first people to have the absolute ability to access & travel In Space.
 A new age of childcare is here. Welcome to your future with us.





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