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Swimming Pool Update

Launching Late Summer 2024 / Early Fall 2024!

What Are You Most Excited For When The Pool Opens At In Space Childcare Inc.?

  • The Pool Toys!

  • The Lifeguards!

  • Being Able To Get A Swimming Space!

We can't wait to welcome our community to epic pool spaces starting at In Space Childcare Inc. alongside our partners. Let's Swim!

Swimming Pool Update
Swimming Pool Update

Did you know: Our buildings undergo rigorous safety inspections by multiple health authorities to ensure that we are meeting the highest operating safety standards. Safety is our top priority at In Space Childcare Inc. Galactic Centres.

The In Space Pool Design

It is by design that we are defining a concept of what it would look like to have a pool in a building out of In Space. We have put a lot of details and thought of what our pools should look like from ventilation shafting, to paint colours all with a modern look and feel. We look forward to continuing to redevelop and improve this concept for future projects.

Closing Message From Our CEO & Founder

"At In Space Childcare Inc. we are committed to building next level childcare platforms for space explorers, while making global childcare solution platforms with our partners. We are committed to starting with the customer experience and working our way back to the product. Putting you first is what we do."


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